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Hi there, 2 or 3 people on my friends list are members here, and i found it nosying on their userinfo while bored. Anyway, i'm Marie 23. I have two daughters Kayleigh 5 and Carly 2 1/2, and i'm a second year psychology student at Glasgow Caledonian university in Scotland. I live with my hubby Gary and I feel like i've been at university for ever. I went to Stirling university when i was 17, and dropped out to stay home and look after Kay. Then i went to Gcal to study computer science and hated it. I changed over to psychology/social sciences, and had my daughter Carly and so i did the first year of my course part time over 2 years so that i could be at home with Carly. I scraped a pass on my first year, because i never seemed to have time to study or do coursework and ended up doing resit after resit. This year Kayleigh is at school and after school care, and Carly is at nursery close to the university so i get time to study and actually handed my first piece of course work on time this semester. For the first time since i've been at uni i am doing well, and feel on top of things, so even though i feel like i've been struggling with this for ages, it feels like the perseverance has finally paid off. I also work in a pub, and i'm a student rep for one of my modules.
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Yup- i'm on here too :-) I actually did better my first year back after kids (last year). This year- in theory I should be doing better, b/c Oliver's in kindergarten and Arthur is in on-campus preschool. But I somehow haave even MORE things to do and I haven't been on top of the school work as much. Hopefully I can just keep my head above wtaer, catch up , and get decent grades this semester- but it is not easy!
I know what you mean, the worst part is catching up. Second year is harder than the first, i had so much to do last year though, moving house, getting married and no decent childcare that this year feels like sweet relief. Hope you can get back on track quickly.
Hey - I'm also 2nd year Social Sciences at Caley :) I'm also a student rep (sort of) lol - I'm the campaigns convenor on the executive committee :)
Hi, i saw your intro. You're much more active and involved than i am though. Being student rep is the first thing i've got involved in.
Been active for 2 years now - I'm repeating this year cos I made a cock up of it last year :)You should join student council - kinda the same as being a rep, 6 meetings a year, but it deals with all student matters, not just academical :)
I cocked up one of my modules but luckily they let me carry it on. I think i will try to get involved with the student council. :D I'm very shy though lol.
You shouldn't be! Nothing to be shy about! Do you know that the uni has a forum where loads of students talk? on the page - sign in and then go to discussion:)
I've seen it before but never got involved. I'm going to check it out now! Thanks.
Are you MSMITH14? I'm YMCKIS10 :)
Aye thats me. Though my names not Smith anymore lol. I assumed you were YMCKIS10.;)