maz (mazzamom) wrote in student_parents,

x posted from my journal. Big brag!!

I'm so pleased with myself.
We got our first assignments back at uni today. The Tutor told us to view our marks like honours classifications, because thats the criteria she used to mark them.
First Class Honours >= 70%
Second Class (upper division) Honours 60-69%
Second Class (lower division) Honours 50-59%
Third Class Honours 40-49%

She told us that if we got around 40% we were scraping by. If we were lucky enough to be one of the rare students she ever marks in the 70's in her classesthen there must be something exceptional about our work. I got 77%..woohoo. Constructive criticism was that i needed to work on my sentence structure. She said i had an exceptional and individual style of writing (Ok i know i don't use it in my LJ but that would take effort lol.) I am terribly chuffed with myself. It is so good to be top of the class after struggling for so long to just pass. Makes me even want to study for Fridays pair of tests.
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