swan_bot (swan_bot) wrote in student_parents,

Grad School & Babies

Hello there! I am hoping for some advice. Some time in the not-too-distant future, my husband and I might decide to have children. We are, at least, cautiously considering the possibility of breeding. I am in graduate school now (I'm a 5th-year doctoral student in Comparative Literature), and I was wondering if my fellow grad-schoolers had any thoughts they could share about the pros and cons of breeding while still in school. I know people do it--successfully, too!--but have the following questions and doubts: While I understand that there is never a "perfect time" to have a child, how realistic is it to write the dissertation while pregnant (or with a newborn)? Would it be any easier to be pregnant (or with a newborn) while on the job market or while starting a new job?

Is there any "conventional wisdom" about this that anyone is aware of? Even better, do any of you have any first-hand experience you might be persuaded to share--either here or by e-mail??

Thanks so much!
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