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Nursing Matters UK

This in an open invitation to join the initial set up of "Nursing Matters" a volunteer organisation to help supply basic hygiene materials and support to nursing mothers caught in the immigration process in the UK. Initially, our focus is nursing mothers at Yarl's Wood IDC. However, I imagine we will create a charter jointly that gives a more precise definition of the aid we plan to give.

All members of this community are welcome to join. In the first instance, this is only for discussion and advice. Joining the list does not mean you have volunteered to hang around and do anything! Listeners are welcome in addition to all who feel they might have something to offer, be it only advice at this early stage.

To subscribe to the forum: got to


Please note this has to be done by you as you then enter your own password. Don't ask me to do it for you!

Discussions will not begin for about another 48 hours (apart from Hello, how are you?) to allow propagation of this message. This is being posted , midday Friday 25 August, 2006 London time.

Can I ask that anyone who is in other suitable forums (breastfeeding, nursing, parenting, immigration conditions with the UK etc) to please post this message as they feel it appropriate. As this is primarily a breast feeding awareness issue, all other nursing mothers are welcome - wherever they are.

Please note that Nursing Matters is neither a campaigning nor a political group. We are there to provide material support to mothers, first and last.

Thank you for your help - particularly in sending this message out!

Morgan Gallagher NursingMatters at dreyfuss dot demon dot co dot uk
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