Jecca (jecca657) wrote in student_parents,

anyone here?

any of you breats feed? looking for recommendations on how to make it work on my return to school.:)
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Yes- I have and it's definitely possible to continue when you go back to school. How old is your baby? How many hours will you be away? You will probably need to get a pump, if you don't have one already. I went back to 2 college classes when my son Oliver was 7 weeks old. I only went for a few hours a day, though -so it was fairly easy., I would nurse right before I left in the morning, and sometimes he would be ok until I got back a few hours later to nurse him. I always left a pumped bottle (or two) just in case. Even if they nurse ALL the time (like mine did) sometimes they can easily go few hours when you're out of sight.

Make sure the babysitter knows how to heat up a bottle of breastmilk. You aren't supposed to microwave it. You should run it under warm tap water, or immerse it in a pan of lukewarm water. The only problem is, this can take a while, so they have to kind of anticipate when the baby might be hungry. It gets a lot easier when the baby is older too, because then they can have a little solid food while you're out.

Oh, the other thing is- don't get too worried if he/she won't take a bottle from you. They usually don't- because they know the real thing is right there. But there's a good chance they will take a bottle from someone else. Or if the baby totally refuses a bottle- they can drink form a cup from about 4-5 months old. Just make sure you pump when you are away form the baby, or your milk supply will suffer.
I'm figuring we'll end up doing allot of night nursing but I want to be able to offer her atleast one bottle of EBM during the day
she's 10 months now I have enough frozen to probably get to march.:)
I went back to school when my daughter was 6 weeks old. I started her on bottles at least a week before she went into daycare.

The bottle I used was Playtex VentAire NaturaLatch Bottles. She took to them very quickly. I also went to my parents house, fixed the bottle, handed her and the bottle over to them and left the room, but, I've never had a problem giving her a bottle, either.

I had 5 classes -- twice a week I was in class from 9:30a until 3:15p, with 15 minutes between classes. Finding time to pump was difficult at best, and I wasn't getting enough to provide her with 3 bottles a day. When I could, she'd at least get half EBM and half formula, with nothing but breastmilk at home, but, more often than not, she had 3 formula bottles a day.
my dd is actually 10 months old now so we're used to doign this while I work, and cows milk is coming up soon but I'd like to have atleats a bottole of fresh milk, she's never had any formula and I have no intention of offering her any at this point.....
thanks for the insight. i might contatct school and see if there is a possible space