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What a crappy week!

Well, really only since Wednesday.

This was my first week out of the hellacious 4 week session (I completed 10 credits in 4 weeks. I got a B and a B+. My mind is now Jell-o) I am now working on a 2 credit Independent Study for the remainder of the Summer.

So, it's just been crazy-hot here. Hovering around 100 every day. "Good morning Vietnam" hot. You know what I'm saying...

On Wednesday, Emilija felt hot to me. I thought she was overheated, so I stripped her to her diaper, and put her in front of a fan to cool her off. an hour later she was still burning up. I took her temperature. It was 103. I put her in a cool bath and gave her Tylonol. The fever started to come down, but 4 hours later it was right back up to 103. By Thursday, the Tylonol dance was still going on, so I took her into the ER. They drew blood, and cath'ed her for urine. UA was normal. CBC was normal, but with an elevated white count. Cultures were negative. No explanation. The fever finally broke yesterday. Yeah! Must have been a virus. Probably picked up off of the Wal-Mart shopping cart. (Raza*#frakin%@* Wal-mart!)

So, since she was feeling better, i decided to go ahead and accept my parents' invitation to join them for the final night of the Creation Festival at the Gorge. She was cranky before we left, so I considered not going at all. But then my Dad called and told me he had already bought my ticket. I felt committed. So we went. It was a geat show. I <3 The Newsboys!! But that's another post.

She cried nearly the whole way there. Right after we got there, Emilija was with my Mom in the back of the RV. She fell off of the bed, and landed, as Mom described it, on her butt. But she let out a blood-curtling scream. I assumed that she was still really irritable. This morning she could not walk.


Back to the ER this morning for blood tests, because we thought that maybe the infection causing her fever had settled into her joints. Plus X-Rays, which finally supplied today's answer. As far as the fracture goes...there is nothing to do about it. We have it wrapped in an ACE and sghe will see an Orthopedist on Tuesday. Until then we just have to be ginger with it. She may have broken it when she fell of the bed, or it may have been broken before we left. Either way, I have guilt.

Poor Michael. Emilija is getting all the attention, which causes him to act out even more than usual, which epsets his sister, which makes us yell at him, which makes him act out... I think today there will be a special Michael & Daddy activity away from thie house so we can all rest a bit. I really thought if one of my children would break would be the boy!

I can't wait to see what next week has in store.
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