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...and they lived happily ever after.

Which University?

I have difficulty choosing which University offer to accept.  I have a couple of days to reach my decision.

My three choices are Peterborough College, Anglia Ruskin Uni in Cambridge and Northampton University. 

These Unis have been chosen because they are all within a commutable distance from my home.  This is important as I have a child starting school in Setember and I am planning a second child.  Also, I need to be a near to home as possible.  Two years ago saw a terrible incident where I was miles away from home on business and my daughter was rushed into hospital, I have never recovered fullyfrom that experience and I hate to be too far from my daughter.  My husband is a lorry driver so it's just me during the week.

Bearing this in mind, the closer the Uni, the better.  Peterborough and Anglia are the nearest.  Peterborough is easier - it is a 40 min drive up the motorway.  Anglia, in Cambridge, has traffic volume issues and bad parking. Northampton is about 80 - 90 minutes away from my home.

According to the league tables published by the Times newspaper, Anglia is no. 87 and Northampton is no. 146.  Peterborough is not on the list as it is a college.

Is it better to study at a Uni rather than a college? I received mixed responses from my tutors at college when i asked this question. I feel that the result that I gain at the end of the college will be partly down to the work that I do and partly down to the quality of teaching and the resources available to me.

I am a mother and hard of hearing. therefore I am entitled to grants for living expenses, childcare and study assistance e.g. employing a notetaker during lectures.  I have been bombarded with literrature and Anglia offers more financial assstance than Northampton.  I haven't heard a dicky bird from Peterborough so i will ring them up and grill them.

So far, Peterborough looks good for location and Anglia for grades and support.

Anything else i should take into consideration?
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